Baker: Concerto for Harp and Orchestra (live performance)
I) Allegro
Act I
A collaboration with violinist/composer and dear friend Alex Cheung,
this composition is written for a fantasy children’s book project in the image of Andrew’s brother, Edward, whose character is a painter who often flies into the clouds at night and brushes his artistic imagination onto the skies.
Hindemith: Harp Sonata
Lied. Sehr langsam
A masterpiece in the classical harp concert repertoire; he
dedicates it to his dear harp teacher, Elizabeth Volpé.
Corelli: Sarabande
A baroque favourite that has much serenity in it
Grace Williams: Hiraeth
A piece which Andrew played often when he first moved to Toronto from Vancouver and was feeling “Hiraeth”; a Welsh word for ‘homesick.’
That Back Alley
Free improvisation by Andrew Chan on Musical Saw and Piano,
and Rod Campbell on Trumpet.
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