Harp Lesson Studio Toronto & Markham

Providing quality instruction to students of all ages and backgrounds widely ranging from youngsters to retirees since 2001, Andrew is enthusiastic about teaching and helping students to discover their interests and accomplish their individual goals.

Private Lessons on both the Celtic Lever Harp and the Concert Pedal Harp are available. An introductory lesson is available for those who wish to explore and discuss their interests. Students will receive assistance and advice on choosing a suitable instrument, or on arranging a rental harp.

His philosophy as a harp teacher is to provide students with a fun and nurturing environment in which to grow musically and personally, through the journey of harp playing. He hopes that his students not only gain knowledge of this beautiful instrument, but also let the magic of music-making enrich their personal lives.

Andrew teaches at two locations: Central Toronto and Markham.

Accepting New Students of All Levels

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